Florida’s Minimum Wage Increased to $10 Last Month — And That’s Just the Beginning

Last month, I wrote about Florida’s first major minimum wage increase since the passage of Florida’s $15 minimum wage amendment in 2020, approved by about 61% of Florida voters.

Changes in How Tampa Bay Responds to Crisis One Year After The Murder Of George Floyd

Photo credit: McKenna Schueler, June 2020, Tampa, Florida Last year, Tampa Bay collectively witnessed a global health crisis, and the beginnings of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Millions of Floridians filed for unemployment, as residents grappled for financial assistance. With over 7,000 dead from COVID-19 across the Tampa Bay region, local residentsContinue reading “Changes in How Tampa Bay Responds to Crisis One Year After The Murder Of George Floyd”

“We’re Here and We Will Be Here”: Black Collective Movement Activists Have Become Leading Organizers in Tampa’s Fight for Racial Justice

The Black Collective Movement’s young and tenacious organizers oppose systemic oppression in all its forms.

What Are the Voting Rights of Patients Within Florida Residential Treatment Facilities?

Learn more about Florida’s patient voting rights and why protecting these rights for people with mental illness matters.

Examining Workplace Diet Programs: Nay or Nay?

Oh, the woe — excuse me, wellness — of workplace diets. Or, wellness programs? Corporate weight control? Since the rise of corporate dietary programs in the 1980s — soft-pedaled as workplace health and wellness initiatives — workplace diets have gradually evolved and spread to numerous workplaces across the United States, and abroad in countries likeContinue reading “Examining Workplace Diet Programs: Nay or Nay?”