Florida’s Minimum Wage Increased to $10 Last Month — And That’s Just the Beginning

Last month, I wrote about Florida’s first major minimum wage increase since the passage of Florida’s $15 minimum wage amendment in 2020, approved by about 61% of Florida voters.

What Happened in 2020: Professional Highlights

Last year was a year of many firsts, personally and professionally. My first publication in a local news outlet. My first online publication in a national magazine, in the wake of Florida’s passage of the state’s $15 Minimum Wage Initiative. My first time reporting on local and state elections for a readership rather than simplyContinue reading “What Happened in 2020: Professional Highlights”

Florida’s $15 Minimum Wage Amendment Passes with Majority Voter Approval

Florida’s Amendment 2 to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026 passed with 60.8% voter approval on November 3, just barely passing the 60% threshold needed for it to pass. As the majority of Florida’s electorate voted in favor of raising wages, the majority of voters also voted to re-elect DonaldContinue reading “Florida’s $15 Minimum Wage Amendment Passes with Majority Voter Approval”

Florida House Republican Candidate Says Expanding Medicaid Would Reduce Quality of Care. Is She Right?

This article was originally posted on Medium. Last month, newcomer candidate Traci Koster for Florida’s House District 64 was the only Republican to show up to an otherwise Democrat-dominated virtual forum for State Representative candidates, hosted by the nonpartisan Tampa Tiger Bay Club. And it showed. Featured alongside Koster — who assumed the Republican spotContinue reading “Florida House Republican Candidate Says Expanding Medicaid Would Reduce Quality of Care. Is She Right?”

What Are the Voting Rights of Patients Within Florida Residential Treatment Facilities?

Learn more about Florida’s patient voting rights and why protecting these rights for people with mental illness matters.