Florida House Republican Candidate Says Expanding Medicaid Would Reduce Quality of Care. Is She Right?

This article was originally posted on Medium.

Last month, newcomer candidate Traci Koster for Florida’s House District 64 was the only Republican to show up to an otherwise Democrat-dominated virtual forum for State Representative candidates, hosted by the nonpartisan Tampa Tiger Bay Club. And it showed.

Featured alongside Koster — who assumed the Republican spot only after incumbent Jamie Grant withdrew from the race in August — were three Democrats who are running for the Florida House: Koster’s progressive opponent Jessica Harrington, Julie Jenkins for District 60, and Andrew Learned for District 59.

Being the sole Republican on the panel predictably set Koster apart from the other candidates on several issues important to voters, including the restoration of voting rights for felons under Florida’s Amendment 4, the state response to the COVID-19 crisis, and Medicaid expansion.

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