New Year, New Job

Made it Twitter-official today, after a soft launch on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier this week:

I’ve been offered, and have accepted, the position of a full-time staff reporter at Orlando Weekly, which is part of the national Euclid Media Group. It’s also a sister publication to Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, which is where I essentially began reporting as a freelancer in Tampa.

I’m excited (albeit, also slightly terrified) to jump into this new position. Although I’ve freelanced for Orlando Weekly before, largely reporting on local labor, this is my first staff job as a reporter, and I’ll also be relocating to the Orlando area soon from where I currently live in Tampa – so, similar, but also very different terrain politically, socioeconomically, culturally, and of course geographically.

There will be a learning curve, which I hashed out in my thread, but that means I’ll also be looking to get in touch with/hear from residents of the Orlando-area to gain a better understanding of what I should be covering, where to look for stories, and who/what I should be keeping an eye on.

Have ideas? Know someone who lives or works in Orlando (or does that describe you?)

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