‘WTF Florida?’ with Michael Sainato and Maximillian Alvarez for the Working People Podcast

Logo for the Working People podcast, produced in partnership with In These Times.

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking with labor journalist Michael Sainato and Real News Network editor-in-chief Maximillian Alvarez about Florida’s 2022 legislative session for a bonus episode of the Working People podcast.

Specifically, we talked about the life and death of Florida’s “anti-union” legislation, Republican lawmakers’ attack on abortion rights, so-called culture war bills such as Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” and the “Stop WOKE” Act that passed this session, and general vibes permeating Florida’s political and cultural landscape right now.

Michael wrote about Don’t Say Gay and the so-called Stop WOKE Act (also known as the “Individual Freedom” bill) for The Real News Network. Both Michael and Max are great, I had a great time recording, was happy to have been invited on, and I highly recommend checking out their work.

The podcast episode we recorded is paywalled for Patreon supporters, but you can support the Working People pod and listen to that chat here. 

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